[Plone-UI] no breadcrumb on home page only

Christophe Bélanger cbelanger at accessibiliteweb.com
Wed Jan 24 20:59:45 UTC 2007

Bonjour Lucie,

Lucie Lejard a écrit :

> you can override in your product the main_template.pt file (copy it 
> from CMFPlone/skins/plone_templates) and put a condition around the 
> breadcrumb part like this:
> <tal:cond condition="if i am not in the home page">
>     <div metal:use-macro="here/global_pathbar/macros/path_bar">
>         The breadcrumb navigation ("you are here")
>     </div>
> </tal:cond>
> Bonne chance!
> Lucie

Merci :-)


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