[Plone-UI] Effective and Expiration Dates

Lamar lamar at wildhavencreative.com
Tue Jan 23 17:52:53 UTC 2007

I'm afraid I don't understand how effective and expiration dates are 
supposed to work in Plone. So far, I've been unable to see that these 
settings actually do anything useful. The object has to be published in 
order for these settings to work, which effectively makes them useless, 
at least the way my site needs to be implemented.

Is there any way to set up a workflow or some other setting so that the 
  effective date changes the workflow of a private item to make it 
published, or the expiration date changes the workflow of a published 
item to make it private?


Lamar Henderson
lamar at wildhavencreative.com

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