[Plone-UI] Re: Why won't my custom main_template override the default?

David Convent david.convent at naturalsciences.be
Thu Apr 26 13:47:32 UTC 2007

tripslip38 wrote:
> 1) I built a product from DIYPloneStyle 2.5.2, ran generator.py and it built
> my custom product. 
DIYPloneStyle 2.5 is still in beta release, and never reached the .2 
minor release number…
> 2) I want to just make minor changes to the default Plone look, so I copied
> the contents of base.css.dhtml into my
> my_theme/my_theme_styles/base.css.dhtml. I did the same with
> public.css.dhtml. Everything looks good. My skin is selected and it's
> marking up with the Plone look.
Typo here too, stylsheets are written using DTML, they are not dhtml 
files, anyway…
> 3)  I copied Products/CMFPlone/skins/plone_templates/main_template.pt to
> my_theme_templates/main_template.pt
> Any changes I make to this version of main_template don't show up. Am I
> right to assume that the presence of this file should override the default?
> I've restarted Zope, refreshed, etc. CSS changes appear, but changes to my
> custom main_template.pt do not.
> I'm very new to Plone customization. I searched on this topic, but could not
> find my answer. I'm sure it's something very obvious, but I have to admit
> some of this is not that intuitive as regular skinning with CSS. Thanks. 

There is probably a main_template in one of you skin layers that is 
before my_theme_templates in the layers order.
I'm thinking of the custom layer.
Check that no main_template customization has been made in the custom 
folder in portal_skins, or in any skin folder that is registered between 
custom and my_theme_templates.


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