[Plone-UI] UI effort for Plone 3.0

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Mon Nov 13 09:29:14 UTC 2006

Hi all,

It's time to get serious about the UI work that needs to be done in 3.0.

Things have changed a lot since we did our previous release that had
any new UI (2.1), and it's time to kickstart some sort of structured
effort as we move towards the new release.

There is also the possibility of a UI sprint in Amsterdam sometime in
Jan/Feb 2007, but this is not decided yet. Danny and Cornelis will
update us if this is happening.

I am envisioning smaller sub-teams along the following lines (please
tell me if you don't have time to participate, I assume some of you
are too busy these days):

User Interface
- Danny Bloemendaal
- Cornelis Kolbach
- Alexander Limi

- Matt Lee
- Simon Judge

Browser/RTL wranglers:
- Ben Osman
- Denis Mishunoff

- Balazs Ree
- Godefroid Chapelle
- Florian Schulze
- (David Convent?)

We should use the UI list — ui at lists.plone.org — to coordinate future
development and progress. I'm sending this to you personally, but
please let any follow-ups to this mail happen on the list instead
(unless they are of a personal nature, of course).

I have started an overview on
http://plone.org/development/teams/ui/3.0-workspace of the things that
remain on the Feature and bug side. We should probably do a bigger UI
review a bit later, but I'm anxious to start locking down and fixing
the UI on the new PLIPs that are going in, and of course to start
using the new Ajax components.

You should all have editing permissions in the UI team area, feel free
to add coordination documents and other useful things.

Let the games begin! :)

— Alexander

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