PETER WALTER sus_walter_jp at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 08:57:56 UTC 2006


 It has come to my notice that a click mafia gang which exist between the FMF 

and the CBN has arranged to steal from the CBN vault were I have being working 

for the past six years. Your contract claims, which were return through a 

Security & Finance Company to the CBN, vault in the first week of February.


 I have meticulously remove the money packed in a metal box and sent through a 

Diplomatic Courier Company to England, as diplomatic documents, note that I did 

not disclose the content to the company in order to avoid pilferation.

 Please endeavour to reach me on this Telephone Number: +234-8038410519, for 

more details and to give me an address to enable me mail the key and picture of 

the Box and money to you. Also to finalize arrangement on how the Courier 

Company would deliver the consignment to you.

 Immediately you receive the money, I would tell you how to send my 40% percent 

to me. 

 Await your response. Attached is the Airway Bills.

 Note: you can contact MR.JAMES SMITH of the Diplomatic Courier Services on Tel: 

+447040114640 immediately 

 you receive this message and enquire if the Boxes are there.



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