[Plone-UI] Re: NavTree problem

Greg Baker gbaker at cs.mun.ca
Wed Jun 7 18:32:48 UTC 2006

I actually fixed this.  Seemed to be some kind of inconsistency in zope. 
All I really did was edit the page and resave it.  It worked great after

In fact, I didn't even edit the page.  I just clicked on it and then clicked

Sorry I should have followed up.

Alec Mitchell wrote:

> On 6/7/06, Greg Baker <gbaker at cs.mun.ca>
> wrote:
>> I'm using zope 2.8 and plone 2.1...
>> I have the navtree set to only display published folders.
>> I have a folder created that I want only a single role to be able to
>> access. I have disabled the 'aquire' security setting and enabled all
>> possible permissions for both manager and the role which I want to be
>> able to access this folder.
>> My problem is this:  for manager the folder displays in the navtree but
>> for
>> anybody in the other role it does not.  The users in the other role have
>> full access, but it just does not show up in the navtree.
> Is the object in the published state?  Do searches for this folder by
> the desired user return the correct results?
> Alec

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