[Plone-UI] one tab with 4 boxes in it?

vedawms vedawms at unc.edu
Thu Jul 27 15:10:25 UTC 2006

Hi Erik,

I'm trying to solve a similar problem. What I did is create the boxes in
Dreamweaver and saved the page template as homepage_view. I then told that
page template to fill slot Main, using here/main_template/macros/master.
That way it pulls in all of the navigation etc. 

Once you have a new view, you can go to the home page and select the Display
drop down menu and select homepage_view as the display you want.

I notice from the site you mention that there is no left hand navigation or
right hand portlets, so you would in the homepage_view file you would fill
those portlets with something empty, i.e. <metal:removecol
fill-slot="removecolumn" />  And, of course, in the main_template you would
have to tell it what you are removing, ie.

			<metal:removecol define-slot="removecolumn">
	            <td id="portal-column-one"
					<div class="visualPadding">
						<metal:portlets define-slot="portlets_one_slot">
						This instruction gets the portlets (boxes) for the left column.
	            <tal:comment replace="nothing"> End of the left column

If paste.plone.org comes up I'll send you the rest of my code. 

I would read up on page templates to help you with this. I'm still a little
new at this, so I know how hard it is. 

- Veda
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