[Plone-UI] Nav portlet: only the current top folder

Matt Hampel mahatm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 18:44:11 UTC 2006

I'm trying to change the Plone navigation portlet to show only the
items in the current path AND the contents of the current folder.

Instead of this current format:
- Home
- About
- Documentation
- Products
--- Product A
--- Product B
------- Current page
------- Another page
- Support

The navigation portlet would only show:

- Products
--- Product B
------- Current page
------- Another page

The code to do this is in "portlet_navtree_macro", specifically
tal:condition="python: (not item['no_display']) and (cur_item or
parent_shows_children or children) and (bottomLevel <= 0 or level
< bottomLevel-1)" (inside root/portal_skins/plone_portlets)

But I don't know the Plone conditions well enough to pull only the
current folder tree AND the children of the current folder (I can do
the latter). Can anyone give me suggestions on how to exclude the
unwanted folders from the navigation, or pointers towards the correct
variable / portlet documentation?

Thanks lots,

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