[Plone-UI] suggestions

Waldemar Kornewald wkornew at gmx.net
Wed Jul 26 09:31:16 UTC 2006

what do you think about switching to a more generic content creation
scheme? For example, in Skeletonz (http://orangoo.com/skeletonz/) you
can insert plugins into your pages which can render additional
content. This allows for inserting a "news_section" where news items
are displayed. This is a lot more flexible than the current portlets
approach and with WYSIWYG it could even become more intuitive because
you can build the website exactly like you imagine it in your mind.
The whole page layout could become more flexible, too. A WYSIWYG
editor for layouts could allow for separating your page into sections
like in a table (e.g.: left section for navbar, right section for
news, etc.). Every page could over-ride the layout of its parent or
just inherit the layout. In every layout you could select one section
for the content (the current page) and specify the content for all
other sections, manually (this could be a page which uses the
news_section plugin to render news items). Moreover, you could allow
for concatenating layouts such that you can separate your layouts into
reusable chunks (e.g.: outer layout which is used by all sites,
outer_layout+front_page_layout for front page,
outer_layout+news+navbar for all other pages). Well, maybe the current
layout scheme is already good enough...just an idea.

Also, what about integrating a "view-edit-mode" into Plone
(http://plone.org/documentation/how-to/implement-edit-view-modes)? It
is certainly useful and it helps keeping the interface simple when you
just want to browse the website (and access restricted sections).

Next, why did you choose to separate content into "folders" and
"pages"? Why can't pages become containers, too? It's less intuitive
to add items (news, events, etc.) to a special folder than adding them
in-place (i.e.: the portlet or the news page). For example, every
plugin (news_section, events_section, etc.) could become responsible
for managing items (in edit mode the plugin would add two buttons for
adding and editing news items to the page content, in view mode you
would only see the normal page content). This way, folders would
become unnecessary and the user would only deal with pages (a
"list_content" plugin could do what folders currently do in "tabular"

Waldemar Kornewald

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