[Plone-UI] portal-column width

Lucie Lejard lucie at sixfeetup.com
Mon Jul 24 12:19:56 UTC 2006

Hi Janosch,

I am sorry, i didn't do "reply to all", that's why i didn't post it to 
the newsgroup.

You shouldn't change directly the file base_properties in CMFPlone/skins.

It's true you have to copy it and put it in the skins directory of your 
product (Yourproduct/skins). You can put it wherever you want in the 
folder skins.

Then you have to "tell" that you are going to use this folder for your 
skins. So in the file Yourproduct/__init__.py you have to put the following:

from Products.CMFCore.DirectoryView import registerDirectory
import config

# Register the skins directory
registerDirectory(config.SKINS_DIR, config.GLOBALS)

And in Yourproduct/config.py, you have to put:

SKINS_DIR              = 'skins'
GLOBALS                = globals()

Voilà, I hope it helps

Janosch Peters wrote:
> Hi,
> Lucie gave me a hint (see below) to solve my problem. Thanks Lucie, is 
> there a reason why you havent posted it to this newsgroup? If someone 
> has the same problem and he finds a solution here, he wont have to ask 
> in the first place.
> However ther are still a bunch of things I dont understand:
> If I change sth in base_properties in CMFPlone/skins, those changes 
> still exists if I remove my skin product. I heard sth about copying 
> base_properties into my skin folder and use that file for my CSS files, 
> but I have no idea how to do that.
> Apart from that changing the base_properties in CMFPlone/skins had no 
> effect. I've cleared my Browser cache but I dont know how to clear the 
> zope/plone cache. My Skin product is already in debug mode, so most 
> changes I do I see instantly.
> You see I'm still confused, can anyone help?
> cheers,
> Janosch
> Lucie Lejard schrieb:
>> Yes, I had the same problem once.
>> So you have to change a file named base_properties.props (It's in 
>> CMFPlone/skins).
>> You will see at the bottom of this file, there is something like:
>> portalMinWidth:string=67.4em
>> columnOneWidth:string=16.4em
>> columnTwoWidth:string=18.2em
>> You just have to set the width of you columns here (and change the 
>> size of the portalMinWidth if you change one of the columns).
>> Good luck
>> Lucie
>> Janosch Peters wrote:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> I'm trying to setup my own skin-product (based upon DIYPloneStyle). 
>>> I'd like to set the width of
>>> the first column. I tried this:
>>> #portal-column-one {
>>>      width: 200px;
>>> }
>>> With both Plone Default and Plone Tableless as Base this style
>>> definition had no effect. Any ideas?
>>> cheers,
>>> Janosch
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