[Plone-UI] portal-column width

Janosch Peters janosch.peters at websliders.de
Mon Jul 24 04:56:16 UTC 2006


Lucie gave me a hint (see below) to solve my problem. Thanks Lucie, is 
there a reason why you havent posted it to this newsgroup? If someone 
has the same problem and he finds a solution here, he wont have to ask 
in the first place.

However ther are still a bunch of things I dont understand:

If I change sth in base_properties in CMFPlone/skins, those changes 
still exists if I remove my skin product. I heard sth about copying 
base_properties into my skin folder and use that file for my CSS files, 
but I have no idea how to do that.

Apart from that changing the base_properties in CMFPlone/skins had no 
effect. I've cleared my Browser cache but I dont know how to clear the 
zope/plone cache. My Skin product is already in debug mode, so most 
changes I do I see instantly.

You see I'm still confused, can anyone help?


Lucie Lejard schrieb:
> Yes, I had the same problem once.
> So you have to change a file named base_properties.props (It's in 
> CMFPlone/skins).
> You will see at the bottom of this file, there is something like:
> portalMinWidth:string=67.4em
> columnOneWidth:string=16.4em
> columnTwoWidth:string=18.2em
> You just have to set the width of you columns here (and change the 
> size of the portalMinWidth if you change one of the columns).
> Good luck
> Lucie
> Janosch Peters wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I'm trying to setup my own skin-product (based upon DIYPloneStyle). 
>> I'd like to set the width of
>> the first column. I tried this:
>> #portal-column-one {
>>      width: 200px;
>> }
>> With both Plone Default and Plone Tableless as Base this style
>> definition had no effect. Any ideas?
>> cheers,
>> Janosch
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