[Plone-UI] view not updated immediately

sambnet at web.de sambnet at web.de
Tue Jul 11 09:39:16 UTC 2006


I am newbie with zope and plone and trying now to set up my first plone site. I have the following problem: 
I want to adapt the view to my needs and am therefore (according to chapter 7 of the Definitive Guide to Plone) changing things under plone_skins by customizing the files of the corresponding features.

Now yesterday I opened 2 tabs in my firefox webbrowser and immediately after performing some change (e.g. changing the font color in base_properties) in 1 tab, I could see the changes in the other tab. For that I had set on debug-mode in my zope.conf . 

But today I am desesperately trying to do the same and I don't manage to update the changes instantly anymore ! Mode debug is still on, I have the default skin selected with the layer "custom" on the top but the only way to see my changes is to close everything and log on from the beginning again.  I don't understand what is different from yesterday and what I have to do to have the changes take into effect immediately.

So where is(are) my mistake(s) ?

Thanks a lot,
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