[Plone-UI] Re: future plans for deprecating dtml in css

Ben Osman ben.nospam at smoothify.com
Thu Jul 6 10:00:51 UTC 2006

Ian F. Hood wrote:
> ok, I have clearly asked the wrong question  :)
> My use-case allows non-css people to set (for example) background colors in 
> a (traditionally) layered fashion (i.e.: the columns inherit/acquire from 
> portal, portal from the 'canvas' etc..)
> CSS does this well, but I need to implement something of a more intuitive 
> interface (i.e.: nested), so I am looking for an elegant UI for (some of) 
> the vars (on very specific elements) and I thought this might already be 
> part of someone's cunningly conceived future plans.
> I am really asking to be pointed towards anything that might already exist, 
> perhaps as a hint of what direction to take. (i.e.: should I implement a 
> folderish tree to model the 'layers' and vars, to make use of acquisition?)
> ifh

There is also PloneMiniPortals which does allow you to change colours of 
css for its own root folder using the colour picker widget. The product 
may be overkill for your needs but it could be usful to have a look how 
they do it.


I'm interested in implementing something similar for a project but 
haven't had the chance yet.



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