[Plone-UI] Re: future plans for deprecating dtml in css

Ian F. Hood IanFHood at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 19:31:33 UTC 2006

ok, I have clearly asked the wrong question  :)

My use-case allows non-css people to set (for example) background colors in 
a (traditionally) layered fashion (i.e.: the columns inherit/acquire from 
portal, portal from the 'canvas' etc..)

CSS does this well, but I need to implement something of a more intuitive 
interface (i.e.: nested), so I am looking for an elegant UI for (some of) 
the vars (on very specific elements) and I thought this might already be 
part of someone's cunningly conceived future plans.

I am really asking to be pointed towards anything that might already exist, 
perhaps as a hint of what direction to take. (i.e.: should I implement a 
folderish tree to model the 'layers' and vars, to make use of acquisition?)

"Alexander Limi" <limi at plone.org> wrote in 
message news:op.tb3se8vbvhba00 at serafin.local...
> On Mon, 03 Jul 2006 00:40:40 -0700, Ian F. Hood 
> <IanFHood at gmail.com> wrote:
>> actually I have need to do something like that now for a skin (or set of)
>> that is outside the usual.  I wondered if a thoughtful approach already
>> exists, or I should invent my own?
> DTML works, and exists now. You can insert your own attributes that you 
> can use in style sheets if needed.
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