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Tim Toennsen tim at risclog.de
Wed Aug 30 21:41:34 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I am new in the plone world and work my way through the Documentation
and Books about Plone. It took a bit time, but till now I was able to
found out what I need. Unfortunately I got stuck today, so I hope you
can help me and it is the right mailing list.
So here is my problem: In the end of Chapter 7 in the Plone Core
Developer Reference (www.plone.org under documentation) I found a small
passage which describes how to create a splash side. I am not shure if I
understood it right, but it is very short described and I didn't find
some other information about that. Fact is, that it doesn't work. I have
a simple HTML page and uploaded it to the root folder of my page. It is
called page01.html and after the upload it appears in the zope
management interface at root level. In the documentation is written that
I have to delete the file index_html which should be there. It isn't
there, but there is a file called "frontpage". I didn't delete it but I
navigated to ZMI/portal_properties/side_properties. Under default_page I
added page01.html and saved. When I logged out and reload the page I saw
the file in the way, how it would be shown if it would just be a file in
my own folder (just a headline: page01 from tim... as a link to the
file) How can I correctly implement a splash side? Or what have I done
wrong? Thanks a million for the help! 
Best Regards 

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