[Plone-UI] Set up problems

cian reynolds thespanish at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 14:53:30 UTC 2005

The problem I'm encountering is as follows, I'd appreciate some advise
On the navigation bar on the top left, I have the following options, home,
news and members. That¹s all fine so far. Incorporated into the same nav bar
but on the right hand side are the options; admin, my folder, my preferences
and log out. I need to change the look etc of the generic plone site but
don¹t have a set up option available to me. I understand that the top right
navigation bar is where you¹d usually find this set up option. It¹s not
there and I can¹t find it elsewhere, could you help me find this option as
it¹s fairly important to changing the site.
Thanks in advance, cian

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