[Plone-UI] Re: Rounded corners without images - article

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Mon May 2 18:34:34 UTC 2005

On Mon, 02 May 2005 19:27:16 +0200, Jeff Kowalczyk  
<jtk at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This article describes an impressive CSS + ecmascript technique for
> rounded corners without images. Interesting for Plone skins, I'd imagine.
> http://pro.html.it/print_articolo.asp/id_599/stampa.html

"When the first article was published, I knew there were many improvements  
to be done, and now I think this version is a stable and definitive  
release. Nifty Corners are free, but no modifications to the script and/or  
the CSS are allowed. This article and Nifty Corners are fully copyrighted  
by HTML.it and Alessandro Fulciniti, and were published on the 6th of  
April 2005 both in Italian and in English."

WTF. Copyright and no-modification clause on HTML/JS - that's the silliest  
thing I've seen in a while.


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