[Plone-UI] Re: Thoughts on making plone ui easier for novice computer users

Gerry Kirk gerry at faithonline.com
Fri Mar 11 15:47:34 UTC 2005

Alexander Limi wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 13:36:10 -0500, Gerry Kirk  
> <gerry at faithonline.com> wrote:
  > Yes, the idea is to have some sort of dashboard/workspace mechanism
> that  people use as their personal page, and where they add content. 
> Normal  users shouldn't really add content placefully, the system should 
> be able  to figure that out for them in most of the cases.
sounds good.

> If you have seen PloneWorkspaces/CMFWorkspaces, this is the same 
> concept,  only now we have the possibility to make this Not Suck™, since 
> we finally  have AT-based types with references.
haven't taken a close look at them, but haven't been impressed with what 
i saw so far. :)

> I'm looking to discuss this at the sprint with people, but it won't be 
> on  the roadmap before for 2.2 at the very earliest.

>> *    tab overdose. It's easy to end up with numerous tabs with just a
>> few products installed. The UI only really handles about 4-5 nicely. Too
>> many tabs gets confusing and perhaps overwhelming. We need a better way
>> to group and display actions.
> This is very much a case of people not knowing when to use views, and 
> when  to use actions or pulldowns with actions. It's as much a developer 
> advice  issue as anything else. Stuff like PloneCollectorNG is just 
> insane wrt.  use of tabs. (I don't mean to pick on a specific product, 
> just showing an  example with a product most people have seen. :^)

Well, ok, sounds like there needs to be a recommended approach on that. 
Keep in mind, too that by default AT types have 4 views already 
(contents, view, edit, properties, references), not leaving room for 
much else.

I use the redirection tool, which adds an alias view to some types. 
Other types have views for managing relationships, subscribers, etc.

It's not hard to get 6 tabs, even with good design, IMO.

Food for thought.
- Gerry

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