[Plone-UI] Re: is the last declartion in ploneIEFixes.css necessary/beneficial?

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at suttoncourtenay.org.uk
Wed Mar 2 12:08:48 UTC 2005

Max Starkenburg wrote:

> Both of these problems seem to be resolved if I remove the following
> mysterious declaration from ploneIEFixes.css:
> fakeclass {content:"\"/*"}
> #content,
> #content p,
> comment,
> h1,
> h2,
> h3,
> h4,
> h5,
> h6,
> documentDescription,
> portalMessage,
> link-parent,
> #documentContent dl,
> #documentContent ul,
> #documentContent ol,
> {
>     height: 100%;
> }
> Of course, this makes me wonder what this declaration is there for in
> the first place.  It purports to be a fix for an "IE6 disappearing
> float bug", but so far for me, it appears to be the cause of
> disappearing elements and float problems, not a fix.  It also warns,
> however, that changing anything in it could cause IE woes.

For descriptions of the bug, google for 'peekaboo bug'.

I agree with you that this particular 'cure' is often worse than the 
problem it attempts to resolve. Amongst other issues it breaks text 
wrapping round floating images by making the floating box as high as the 
object it is floated against.

There seem to be several sites agreeing that the best fix is setting the 
height to 1% (or less) which depends on IE interpreting a height setting as 
a minimum height setting and expanding the box if necessary.

There is still a problem though that you have to apply the hack to every 
box which contains a float, and if your floated content is inside the 
content of a document this may not be easy to ensure. I've found that 
setting lineheight (yet another way of avoiding the bug) is a useful way of 
applying this fix almost everywhere:

   p { line-height: 1.1em; }

would fix the display on all floats inside <p> tags with minimal bad 

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