[Plone-UI] is the last declartion in ploneIEFixes.css necessary/beneficial?

Max Starkenburg maxwell at owlnet.rice.edu
Tue Mar 1 20:48:21 UTC 2005

Greetings all,

I have been editing CSS to customize a plone2 site I'm working on and also
to work out some of the CSS bugs that are appearing in IE6.  One of those
bugs involves disappearing elements (as exhibited, for example, at
http://plone.org/development/plips/36 ) and another involves elements that
should be floating but instead are expanding to 100% widths (as seen here:
http://tinyurl.com/6ex3s ).

Both of these problems seem to be resolved if I remove the following
mysterious declaration from ploneIEFixes.css:

fakeclass {content:"\"/*"}
#content p,
#documentContent dl,
#documentContent ul,
#documentContent ol,
    height: 100%;

Of course, this makes me wonder what this declaration is there for in the
first place.  It purports to be a fix for an "IE6 disappearing float bug",
but so far for me, it appears to be the cause of disappearing elements and
float problems, not a fix.  It also warns, however, that changing anything
in it could cause IE woes.

So my questions are, what exactly is this declaration supposed to fix and
will removing it cause me unforeseen problems?  Perhaps knowing the answer
to the first question can lead me to the second's answer.

I appreciate anybody who might be able offer me their insight.  Thanks!


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