[Plone-UI] Re: Plone, Graphic Designerrs and WYSIWYG Editors

Sleepy Jackson okcomputer at aapt.net.au
Fri Jul 8 03:30:52 UTC 2005

If you can get Dreamweaver to load Plone stylesheets such that you can 
meaningfully see what the page would look like when served by Plone I'd be 
keen to see how you do this.  My understanding is this isn't possible 
because Dreamweaver doesn't have the rendering engine that Plone does which 
knows how to assemble layers in the right order to form a skin.

I don't think my question has really been answered.



"Sjors Robroek" <sjors at vslcatena.nl> wrote in 
message news:1120488215.42c94b1701c3e at webmail.vslcatena.nl...
> Quoting Sleepy Jackson 
> <okcomputer at aapt.net.au>:
>> Hi everyone,
> [cut major stack of text]
> No offence, but building a website without CSS is very 1995'ish. Afaik,
> Dreamweaver is able to load external stylesheets to see what your document 
> will
> look like, which would solve your design problem.
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