[Plone-UI] Plone UI week!

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Fri Jul 8 02:01:49 UTC 2005

Hi dudes and dudettes,

This coming week (July 11-15) will be a week that is dedicated to getting  
the Plone UI into shape for the 2.1 release. The beta is looking good  
infrastructure-wise, but there is still a lot to do to make it as polished  
as a Plone release should be.

I will return with more detailed plans and what things we need to fix -  
but if you have time to help out next week, please donate a few hours to  
work with us in making the Plone UI work the way it should.

There are a couple of major areas we will be working on:

Control panels -- all the nice new settings and options in Plone 2.1 need  
proper control panels to make it obvious to the normal user that there are  
options to be tweaked. Major areas concern the nav tree settings, search  
settings etc.

Contents tab -- those of you following the Plone-UI list will have seen my  
post there on how to solve this once and for all - we just need to sit  
down and implement it.

Site actions -- Remove the small/large/normal text links (should be  
separate accessibility page), add in the site contact page, move Site  
setup here so that personal bar only contains personal items (as it  

Content actions -- the cut/copy/paste/delete menu items need some love, as  
well as the Display menu behaviour.

Kupu -- needs better integration and testing - plus visual tweaking, make  
it more Plone-like.

(If you have other areas that you feel need some UI lovin', feel free to  
respond to this mail. :)

Most things are worked out conceptually, I will just need some coding  
assistance to make things work 100%. If you're able to help out, please  
show up on IRC and work with us. We'll hang out in the #bugday channel, as  

Remember, the August 1 deadline is a hard deadline - and we have lots of  
stuff to finish by then. Plone 2.1 is amazing already, let's push it over  
the top! :)

*off to catch my flight to San Francisco*


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