[Plone-testing-team] Performance tests on jenkins

Gil Forcada gil.forcada at freitag.de
Thu Oct 17 11:19:41 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Following instructions from [1] I have our jenkins server running load tests, yay! Thanks a lot Timo!

Now I have a policy/guidelines question that's bugging me:

What's best? To create jenkins jobs for every single performance tests or run them all together?

Currently I have 4 tests (in 4 .jmx files):
- log in and get redirected to a lightweight page
- get the main page as anonymous
- get the main page as a regular user
- get the main page as an admin

Does it make sense to create 4 jenkins jobs and on each of them run a test or instead is preferred to just combine all performance tests into a single big .jmx file and thus only one jenkins job is needed?

Or the middle way, 2 jenkins job: 1 for login and another one for the main page tests?

My goal is to have around +10 (mostly getting to 20 or even more) load tests, and I guess Plone will eventually get far more, so how are you thinking about them in regards of jenkins job and .jmx files?

Gil Forcada

[1] https://github.com/plone/performance-testing/blob/master/getting-started-with-jmeter.rst#step-3-run-jmeter-tests-on-jenkins

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