[Plone-testing-team] [Plone-developers] how to get tests passing for Plone 5

Timo Stollenwerk tisto at plone.org
Sun Aug 25 15:35:03 UTC 2013

Hi David,

thanks a lot for doing this! I'm pretty busy these days, but I will try
to find time next week to look into it. I will also schedule a testing
team meeting to see what else we can do.

I think it is essential that we fix the tests before the Plone
conference. Otherwise we will run into serious problems when people
start working on Plone 5 features.

What about scheduling a virtual sprint to get more people involved and
to work on this together? I could imagine that some people like to help,
but maybe don't know how to start. What about Friday next week?


Am 22.08.2013 21:09, schrieb David Glick (Plone):
> Okay, here's the deal with Plone 5: there is a branch started (5.0 
> branch of buildout.coredev) which uses plone.app.contenttypes as the 
> default content type system. But there are a lot of tests which are 
> breaking because they assume that the default content types are 
> Archetypes-based.  
> (http://jenkins.plone.org/job/plone-5.0-python-2.7/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/) 
> I could really use some help getting these fixed.
> A large part of this is making sure that tests are using layers based on 
> the correct fixture. At present the fixtures that we can choose from are:
> 1. PLONE_FIXTURE from plone.app.testing. As of Plone 5 this no longer 
> installs a content type system, so it's only appropriate for tests that 
> don't use content types.
> 2. PLONE_APP_CONTENTTYPES_FIXTURE from plone.app.contenttypes. This 
> extends PLONE_FIXTURE and adds the plone.app.contenttypes profile, 
> adding Dexterity-based core content types. Tests of Dexterity-based 
> content should use this.
> 3. A yet-to-be-created fixture in Products.ATContentTypes that installs 
> Archetypes-based content types like in Plone 4. Tests of 
> Archetypes-based content should use this.
> 4. PloneTestCase. We should really work on converting these tests to use 
> plone.testing-based layers, but in the meantime, the setup for Plone 5 
> has been adjusted to install types from plone.app.contenttypes rather 
> than ATContentTypes. This change is the biggest source of the tests that 
> are currently failing. We can move these tests to a class that uses the 
> Products.ATContentTypes fixture from #3. But we also need to consider:
>    a. Does it test something that should also continue to work with 
> Dexterity content? If so we should keep a second copy of the test in a 
> class using the plone.app.contenttypes fixture.
>    b. Does the failure indicate a problem in Dexterity's compatibility 
> with Archetypes content? If so, rather than changing the test maybe we 
> need to fix something in Dexterity.
> This effort is a work in progress; suggestions of improvements to these 
> guidelines are welcome. If in doubt about what to do for a particular 
> test, talk to me here or on IRC.
> Oh, also, jenkins is showing significantly fewer tests running in the 
> Plone 5 job compared to the Plone 4 jobs. That probably means there are 
> some import errors preventing tests from being discovered, so it would 
> be great if someone could look into that.
> thanks,
> David
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