[Plone-testing-team] Fwd: Announcing Selenium2Library release 1.3

Ed Manlove devPyPlTw at verizon.net
Sun Aug 25 01:43:34 UTC 2013


Announcing Selenium2Library version 1.3.0 for Robot Framework.  This
library allows the use of Selenium 2 / WebDriver with Robot Framework.

You can install Selenium2Library using pip, with the following command

     pip install robotframework-selenium2library

The windows installers are available at:


Changes made within the 1.3 release include ...

- Added keyword 'Current Frame Should Not Contain'.
- Added Android and iPhone browsers.
- Allow desired_capabilities= to be a dictionary.
- Support checking enabled/disabled state of option elements.
- Perform check on return value when finding elements. Fixes Issue 65.
- Added keyword 'Wait Until Element Visible'.
- Added a "Getting Help" section to README.rst.
- Added new keyword 'Click Element At Coordinates'. ***PLEASE NOTE***
There is currently an issue with Firefox and 'Click Element At
Coordinates' does not currently work at Firefox. If this keyword is used
in Firefox it will behave in same manner as the Click Element keyword
(which always click in the center of an element).
- Changed press key test to use Line Feed (10) instead of Carriage
Return (13).
- Beautified README.rst.
- Updated expected error messages with async javascript tests.

Thank you for all who have contributed to this release including Ryan
Tomac, adwu73, maddabini, Filip Noetzel, ekantola, Kevin Ormbrek, Tatu
Aalto, pierreroth64, and Jeremy Johnson. I also want to thank the
members of the Selenium / WebDriver team.

If you need support you may post your questions to the Robot Framework
Users Mailing list, robotframework-users at googlegroups.com. For more
information about the Selenium2Library project, to provide feedback, or
to submit bug reports see our project page at

* The 1.3 release is unofficially known as the summer beach bum release.

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