[Plone-testing-team] p.a.dexterity job on jenkins.plone.org

Timo Stollenwerk contact at timostollenwerk.net
Fri Apr 19 08:33:59 UTC 2013

Hi David,

I just created a new Jenkins job for p.a.dexterity:


My idea is to create Jenkins jobs for each coredev package, to be able
to give developers a faster response to their commits, since the coredev
jobs run over an hour. In addition, these jobs provide information about
the changes (that might have caused a test failure):


These single package jobs also run code analysis and code coverage. So
far I set this up for a couple of selected packages, to see how this
could work:


These jobs are marked "unstable" (yellow) when there is a single PEP8
violation and if code coverage is below 90%. With this in place we could
define certain standards (minimum code coverage, number of "allowed"
pep8, jslint, csslint violations, etc.) for core packages that Jenkins

Since this is a way to ambitious goal to achieve for all coredev
packages, we can define different quality standards for the packages if
we want (or use Jenkins to mark those packages differently).

My idea would be to fist define a certain quality standard and make this
a requirement for new packages (and for PLIPs as well). At the same time
we could try to leverage existing packages to the new standards one by one.

I would like to hear your thoughts on that and if you think this could
be useful for you and for the fwt.


ps: it would be awesome if you could have a look at the dexterity test
failures on the Plone 4.2 job:


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