[Testbot] Plone 5.2 - Chrome browser - Build # 20 - Still Failing!

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Fri Jul 6 05:10:12 UTC 2018

Plone 5.2 - Chrome browser - Build # 20 - Still Failing:

Check console output at https://jenkins.plone.org/job/plone-5.2-chrome/20/ to view the results.


[Timo Stollenwerk] plone.rest 1.2.0

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Add plone.app.multilingual to checkouts.cfg

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: plone.app.multilingual

[Peter Mathis] [fc] Add mockup to checkouts.cfg

[Franco Pellegrini] [fc] Repository: mockup

[Timo Stollenwerk] Seems like virtualenv does not work on node 1-3.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: run code-analysis.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: debug code-analysis.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: run alltests.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: add acceptance test.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: publish test reports.

[Héctor Velarde] [fc] Repository: plone.protect

[gil.gnome] Bump z3c.dependencychecker

[Philip Bauer] test new py3 branch for plone.rfc822

[Philip Bauer] use branch of plone.app.testing taht has PloneTestCase use Dexterity

[Maik Derstappen] [fc] Add plone.app.contenttypes to checkouts.cfg

[Maik Derstappen] [fc] Repository: plone.app.contenttypes

[Philip Bauer] test cmfplone branch plonetestcase_with_dx

[Timo Stollenwerk] Add Makefile and corresponding Jenkinsfile.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: fix syntax.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: fix stash.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: skip static code analysis build step for now.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Makefile: Run alltests with xml output for Jenkins.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Exclude pgk-resources and pkgs that are fetched via plone.rest(api) from

[Timo Stollenwerk] Jenkinsfile: debug testreports.

[Timo Stollenwerk] Makefile: fix test-acceptance.

[Peter Mathis] update mosaic versions to latest

[Jens W. Klein] merged use_dexterity branch in py3 of plone.app.testing

[peter.holzer] update pillow to 5.2.0

[Timo Stollenwerk] [fc] Repository: plone.restapi

[Timo Stollenwerk] [fc] Repository: plone.restapi

[Jens W. Klein] use new release of z3c.caching

[Jens W. Klein] use latest setuptools and zc.buildout

[Timo Stollenwerk] [fc] Repository: plone.restapi

[Philip Bauer] plonetestcase_with_dx was merged

[Johannes Raggam] [fc] Add plone.formwidget.namedfile to checkouts.cfg

[Tom Gross] [fc] Repository: plone.formwidget.namedfile

[Jens W. Klein] use latest release 1.2 of z3c.objpath with py3 support

[Jens W. Klein] use new zope.app.locales 4.0.1 release

[Jens W. Klein] plone.theme was already released

[Jens W. Klein] use releases of zc.relation and zc.relationship

[Jens W. Klein] confused by relation*

[Jens W. Klein] use AccessControl latest release

[Jens W. Klein] cleanup versions

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: Products.DateRecurringIndex

[Jens W. Klein] use AccessControl latest release

[Jens W. Klein] merged DateRecurringIndex

[Jens W. Klein] cleanup versions

[Johannes Raggam] [fc] Repository: mockup

[Jens W. Klein] more versions

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Add plone.tiles to checkouts.cfg

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: plone.tiles

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: plone.tiles

[Jens W. Klein] update mosaic

[Philip Bauer] Products.CMFUid branch was merged

[gil.gnome] [jenkins] Add script

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