[Testbot] Plone 5.2 - Chrome browser - Build # 7 - Still Failing!

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Fri Apr 6 05:15:38 UTC 2018

Plone 5.2 - Chrome browser - Build # 7 - Still Failing:

Check console output at https://jenkins.plone.org/job/plone-5.2-chrome/7/ to view the results.


[Jens W. Klein] update pytz to version 2018.03

[Philip Bauer] use py3 branch of Products.PortalTransforms

[Philip Bauer] another set of py3 checkouts

[Philip Bauer] sort all checkouts and mention pull-requests where they exists

[gil.gnome] Remove references to p.a.stagingbehavior

[Paul Roeland] [fc] Repository: Products.CMFPlone

[Philip Bauer] mention some more pull-requests

[Maurits van Rees] plone.app.content 3.5.1

[Maurits van Rees] Products.CMFEditions 3.2.0

[Maurits van Rees] plone.dexterity 2.6.0

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: plone.app.contenttypes

[Philip Bauer] one branch was merged

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Add Products.ResourceRegistries to checkouts.cfg

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: Products.ResourceRegistries

[Tom Gross] New versions and branches

[Eric Steele] plone.session 3.7.0

[Eric Steele] plone.app.caching 1.2.21

[Eric Steele] plone.app.contenttypes 1.4.10

[Eric Steele] plone.app.dexterity 2.4.9

[Eric Steele] plone.app.versioningbehavior 1.3.3

[Philip Bauer] use python3 branch for Products.PlonePAS

[Philip Bauer] new p.a.layout branch for  py3

[Huub Bouma] [fc] Add plone.app.content to checkouts.cfg

[Maurits van Rees] plone.scale 3.0.1

[Maurits van Rees] Products.CMFDiffTool 3.2.0

[Alexander.Loechel] add tox and gitignore elements to test against python 3

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: Products.MimetypesRegistry

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: Products.CMFPlone

[Alexander.Loechel] add setup.py for tox

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: Products.PortalTransforms

[Alexander.Loechel] fix error in  tox.ini

[Alessandro Pisa] Checkout zc.relation and zc.relationship from the proper repo

[Alexander.Loechel] fix tox and make it py3 testable

[Héctor Velarde] [fc] Repository: plone.app.contenttypes

[Tom Gross] [fc] Add plone.folder to checkouts.cfg

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: plone.folder

[Philip Bauer] fix py3 buildout (forgotten checkouts plus merged or forgotten branches)

[Philip Bauer] another branch

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Add Products.CMFEditions to checkouts.cfg

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: Products.CMFEditions

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Add plone.app.textfield to checkouts.cfg

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: collective.monkeypatcher

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Add collective.monkeypatcher to checkouts.cfg

[Maurits van Rees] plone.theme 3.0.5

[Maurits van Rees] plone.app.multilingual 5.2.0

[Maurits van Rees] plone.app.linkintegrity 3.3.5

[Maurits van Rees] Products.MimetypesRegistry 2.1.3

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Add plone.app.registry to checkouts.cfg

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: plone.app.registry

[Jens W. Klein] [fc] Repository: plone.app.users

[Philip Bauer] more branches were merged

[Tom Gross] More Py3 merges

[Maurits van Rees] plone.releaser 1.6.0

[Maurits van Rees] plone.app.theming 2.0.3

[Maurits van Rees] plone.protect 3.1.3

[Maurits van Rees] Products.Archetypes 1.15.1

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