[Testbot] Plone 4.3 - Python 2.7 - Build # 2387 - Fixed! - 0 failure(s)

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Thu Jul 3 21:46:58 UTC 2014

Plone 4.3 - Python 2.7 - Build # 2387 - Fixed!



Repository: plone.app.search
Branch: refs/heads/1.1.x
Date: 2014-07-03T23:01:52+02:00
Author: Maurits van Rees (mauritsvanrees) <maurits at vanrees.org>
Commit: https://github.com/plone/plone.app.search/commit/461859896482892a6fd410d8f3200b7bc9756c7c

test_filter_empty: no batching in final results call.

We do no batching in the first few calls in this test
and it does not make sense (to me) to change that in the last one.
This test would sometimes pass and sometimes fail.
It could fail because somehow the batching returned my-page80 till my-page89
instead of the expected my-page0 till my-page9.
I do not know what causes that, but it seems irrelevant for this test.

Files changed:
M plone/app/search/tests/test_integration.py

diff --git a/plone/app/search/tests/test_integration.py b/plone/app/search/tests/test_integration.py
index 3c9ad1e..123f696 100644
--- a/plone/app/search/tests/test_integration.py
+++ b/plone/app/search/tests/test_integration.py
@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ def test_filter_empty(self):
         view = getMultiAdapter((portal, req), name=u'search')
         query = {'portal_type': 'Document'}
         self.assertEqual(view.filter_query(query), query)
-        res = view.results(query)
+        res = view.results(query, batch=False)
         result_ids = [r.getId() for r in res]
         self.failUnless('my-page1' in result_ids,
                         'Test document is not found in the results: %r' %


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