[Testbot] [FAIL] plone.app.contenttypes by rafaelbco <rafaelbco at gmail.com>

Jenkins Job FAIL jenkins at plone.org
Mon Jan 6 00:47:10 UTC 2014

Repository: plone.app.contenttypes
Branch: master
Author: rafaelbco <rafaelbco at gmail.com>

Jenkins Information

kgs-plone.app.contenttypes-plone-5.0-python-2.7 kgs [FAILURE]
kgs-plone.app.contenttypes-plone-4.3-python-2.6 kgs [FAILURE]
kgs-plone.app.contenttypes-plone-4.3-python-2.7 kgs [FAILURE]

Github Information

Rafael Oliveira
Improve INavigationRoot awareness handling.

If original query is None or [] then it should not be touched.

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