[Testbot] OK : ATCT-trunk Plone-trunk Zope-trunk Python-2.6.1

ATContentTypes Tests plone-tests at epy.co.at
Fri Jun 26 05:56:10 UTC 2009

ATContentTypes Tests : OK
ATCT-trunk Plone-trunk Zope-trunk Python-2.6.1

Running /usr/local/python2.6/bin/python ./bin/test -q --no-color --no-progress --package Products.ATContentTypes
Running Products.PloneTestCase.layer.PloneSite tests:
  Set up Testing.ZopeTestCase.layer.ZopeLite in 3.527 seconds.
  Set up Products.PloneTestCase.layer.ZCML in 17.142 seconds.
  Set up Products.PloneTestCase.layer.PloneSite in 7.089 seconds.
  Ran 672 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 3 minutes 46.084 seconds.
Tearing down left over layers:
  Tear down Products.PloneTestCase.layer.PloneSite in 0.325 seconds.
  Tear down Products.PloneTestCase.layer.ZCML in 0.018 seconds.
  Tear down Testing.ZopeTestCase.layer.ZopeLite in 0.000 seconds.


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