[Testbot] OK : Plone-3.0 Zope-2.10 Python-2.4.4

CMFPlone Tests plone-tests at epy.co.at
Mon May 26 03:21:51 UTC 2008

CMFPlone Tests : OK
Plone-3.0 Zope-2.10 Python-2.4.4

Running /usr/local/python2.4/bin/python /home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope210/test.py -q -1 --config-file etc/zope.conf --package Products.CMFPlone
Installing CMFCore ... done (0.026s)
Installing CMFDefault ... done (0.523s)
Installing CMFCalendar ... done (0.072s)
Installing CMFTopic ... done (0.054s)
Installing DCWorkflow ... done (0.142s)
Installing CMFActionIcons ... done (0.036s)
Installing CMFQuickInstallerTool ... done (0.148s)
Installing CMFFormController ... done (0.613s)
Installing GroupUserFolder ... done (0.720s)
Installing ZCTextIndex ... done (0.179s)
Installing CMFPlone ... done (8.279s)
Installing Archetypes ... done (0.158s)
Installing ATContentTypes ... done (0.056s)
Installing ATReferenceBrowserWidget ... done (0.018s)
Installing CMFDynamicViewFTI ... done (0.016s)
Installing ExternalEditor ... done (0.026s)
Installing ExtendedPathIndex ... done (0.030s)
Installing ResourceRegistries ... done (0.018s)
Installing SecureMailHost ... done (0.018s)
Installing CMFPlacefulWorkflow ... done (0.027s)
Installing PasswordResetTool ... done (0.029s)
Installing PluggableAuthService ... done (0.030s)
Installing PluginRegistry ... done (0.023s)
Installing PlonePAS ... done (0.029s)
Installing kupu ... done (0.782s)
Installing CMFEditions ... done (0.034s)
Installing CMFDiffTool ... done (0.029s)
Installing PloneLanguageTool ... done (0.030s)
Parsing /home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope210-cmf21-plone30/etc/zope.conf
Running unit tests:
/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope210/lib/python/zope/configuration/xmlconfig.py:323: DeprecationWarning: zope.app.annotation has moved to zope.annotation. Import of zope.app.annotation will become unsupported in Zope 3.5
  Ran 174 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 2.181 seconds.
Running Products.PloneTestCase.layer.ZCML tests:
  Set up Products.PloneTestCase.layer.ZCML in 9.862 seconds.
/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope210-cmf21-plone30/Products/PlonePAS/setuphandlers.py:39: DeprecationWarning: portal_groups.getGroupIds is deprecated and will be removed in Plone 3.5. Use PAS searchGroups instead
  existing = gtool.listGroupIds()
  Ran 12 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 0.052 seconds.
Running Products.PloneTestCase.layer.PloneSite tests:
  Set up Products.PloneTestCase.layer.PloneSite in 8.341 seconds.
/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope210-cmf21-plone30/Products/PlonePAS/tools/groupdata.py:249: DeprecationWarning: portal_groups.getGroupMembers is deprecated and will be removed in Plone 3.5. Use PAS to get a group and check its members instead.
  for u_name in gtool.getGroupMembers(self.getId()):
/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope210-cmf21-plone30/Products/CMFPlone/MembershipTool.py:211: DeprecationWarning: getUserIds is deprecated. Use the PAS methods instead
  return self.__getPUS().getUserIds()
/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope210-cmf21-plone30/Products/CMFPlone/migrations/migration_util.py:90: DeprecationWarning: setupCurrentSkin should be called with 'REQUEST' as argument. The BBB code will be removed in CMF 2.3.
  Ran 1462 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 398.658 seconds.
Tearing down left over layers:
  Tear down Products.PloneTestCase.layer.PloneSite in 0.721 seconds.
  Tear down Products.PloneTestCase.layer.ZCML in 0.017 seconds.
Total: 1648 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors


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