[Setup] restoring a Plone site

Gauthier Bastien gauthier.bastien at imio.be
Wed Sep 11 21:01:55 UTC 2013


all you need is Data.fs, other files will be created at first runtime 
(.index, .tmp) and .fs.old is the result of a pack of your DB (when you 
pack, the original database is saved to .fs.old and the Data.fs is packed).

Anyway, maybe you should consider moving to 4.3.1 at least (no more rc1) 
or even 4.3.2 that is now available.

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Le 11/09/2013 21:51, W. Anderson a écrit :
> I am about to /"restore"/ an older*Plone 3.1* website to newly 
> installed *Plone 4.3.1r1* based website - _both on Linux _- using the 
> same  but _/updated/_ Quintagroup 'Schools' theme. The original site 
> theme was installed via unzip into Products directory, while the new 
> (latest) theme was installed via Diazo.
> _I had saved the following files from older site:_
> *Data.fs**
> **Data.fs.index**
> **Data.fs.old**
> **data.fs.tmp*
> The new Plone install has a/*Data.fs.lock*/ (text) file not present in 
> older Plone version. Is this significant?
> Do I replace the Data.fs file as well as Data.fs._/index/_ files? And 
> will the _/different types of install and versions/_ of theme make 
> site unusable?
> What other steps are required to complete a successful migration?
> Wendell Anderson
> wanderson at nac.net
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