[Setup] restoring a Plone site

W. Anderson wanderson at nac.net
Wed Sep 11 19:51:14 UTC 2013

I am about to /"restore"/ an older*Plone 3.1* website to newly installed 
*Plone 4.3.1r1* based website - _both on Linux _- using the same  but 
_/updated/_ Quintagroup 'Schools' theme. The original site theme was 
installed via unzip into Products directory, while the new (latest) 
theme was installed via Diazo.

_I had saved the following files from older site:_

The new Plone install has a/*Data.fs.lock*/ (text) file not present in 
older Plone version. Is this significant?

Do I replace the Data.fs file as well as Data.fs._/index/_ files? And 
will the _/different types of install and versions/_ of theme make site 

What other steps are required to complete a successful migration?

Wendell Anderson
wanderson at nac.net
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