[Setup] Maybe I will stick with the development version, the standard plone 4.3 download refuses to detect zope2 products.

Fenton Christopher Graham christopher.fenton at uit.no
Thu May 30 13:06:03 UTC 2013

Inherited some old scientific zope 2 products, that needed to be updated. 
Replaced __implements__ plus a lot of other crap. 

Got a 4.3 development version to recognize the updated products. 
However the standard 4.3 plone version flat refuses to recognize old zope2 style products. 

Yes, I know the products work for plone 4.3 atleast in the devolpment version. 

Products are in correct directory 

products /usr/local/Plone/zinstance/products (zope.conf)  

Programmed an error into imports I get no response despite having 
debug-mode on (zope.conf)  

python-check-interval 1000 (zope.conf)  
enable-product-installation on (zope.conf)

What am I missing? 



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