[Setup] Defining several portlets on a single portlets.xml

Sébastien VINOT sebastien.vinot at logisphere.fr
Fri Jun 28 13:49:15 UTC 2013


I'm working on a new component. I'd like to define 2 portlets on a 
single portlets.xml file (in profile/default).

I built a first one which works.

I've just created a second one (based in fact on the Professional Plone 
4 Development) portlet. My code seems not to have errors (i've restarted 
Zope and reinstall my component). But I still have my first portlet 
available when editing portlets via the @@manage-portlets page.

Moreover, using bin/zopepy, I can import and "use" all the 
portlets/myportlet2.py class I wrote).

Is it possible to have more than one portlet on the portlets.xml file ?

Thanks for your help or ideas


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