[Setup] Re-post as: "Why Plone 4.2.3 page-loads slow if server not working hard?

Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 17:31:51 UTC 2013

hi David:

I want to add my 2 cents to this: if I understood correctly the problem 
occurs only with authenticated users accessing concurrently the site, 
isn't it?

if that is true, I will not take a look on plone.app.caching neither 
Varnish yet, as Matt recommended; it's too early to do that kind of 
adjustments and your problem seem to be in some other place.

I think the first thing you have to do is follow Holden's advice on 
finding out where is the bottleneck. with Firebug or YSlow you can find 
out if the problem is in your server or in some other place:


I would also follow Steve recommendation on checking the LDAP stuff; I 
have no experience on that and I can't give you more advise on it.

I will want you to tell us the following about your installation:

- how many ZEO client instances are you running?
- how are they configured? how many threads? how many cache objects?
- is your server running out of memory in some way?

the most important tool to find out if you have an OS issue is VMStat; 
take a look on it:


I would strongly recommend you to install some monitoring tool like 
munin and use the latest version of the munin.zope package. this is the 
only sane way to find out performance bottlenecks:


I use some VMStat graphs combined with the Zope graphs available on 
munin.zope to find out most performance issues; it's really easy and 
works most of the time.

some further places you can look: are you using Diazo? do you have many 
tags on your content?

you will probably need to install collective.stats if everything above 


good day, and good luck!

Héctor Velarde

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