[Setup] ZODB Replicated Storage experiences?

Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 02:48:53 UTC 2013

as many of you may know by now, ZODB Replicated Storage (ZRS) was 
released as open source software last May:


according to its documentation, ZRS "provides database replication for 
ZODB. For each database, a primary storage and one or more secondary 
storages may be defined. The secondary storages will automatically 
replicate data from the primary storage.

"Replication is superior to back-ups because as long as secondaries are 
running, secondary data is kept updated. In the event of a failure of a 
primary storage, just reconfigure a secondary to be the primary, and it 
can begin handling application requests."

in the past we have been using RelStorage for high availability and 
replication but we are not extremely happy with it because, at least on 
our experience, on sites with lot of content creation can DB maintenance 
(packing) can be a little bit problematic. besides that, you also have 
to maintain 2 different technologies.

I just finished reading the documentation and, though fortunately it 
does not have doctest integrated, it also is not very clear, at least 
not for me.

I think ZRS could be a killer feature for large, mission critical Plone 

does anybody here has any experience with it? any configuration 
examples? how does a secondary storage behaves regarding blobs?

best regards
Héctor Velarde

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