[Setup] Upgrade from Plone 4.0.2 to 4.2.4 failed

Mikko Ohtamaa mikko+plone at redinnovation.com
Wed Apr 24 08:43:28 UTC 2013


cschneider wrote
> {'product': 'CMFContentPanels', 'content_icon': 'document_icon.gif', =
> 'global_allow': True, '_actions': (
> <ActionInformation at view>
> , =
> <ActionInformation at edit>
> , 
> <ActionInformation at metadata>
> , =
> <ActionInformation at references>
> , 
> <ActionInformation at layout>
> ), =
> 'title': 'ContentPanels', '_aliases': {'edit': 'base_edit', =
> 'index.html': '(Default)', 'view': '(Default)', 'properties': =
> 'base_metadata', '(Default)': 'base_view'}, 'factory': =
> 'addContentPanels', 'allow_discussion': False, 'filter_content_types': =
> False, 'content_meta_type': 'CMF Content Panels', 'immediate_view': =
> 'base_edit', '__ac_local_roles__': {'zopeadmin': ['Owner']}, 'id': =
> 'ContentPanels', 'description': 'ContentPanels is a portlet content to =
> build composite page.'}

Looks like it is content panels dynamic layout which might break the
migration. This could be the case by having Plone 4.2 in the addon (page
templates, some Python code). However, with this little information it is
still not tell why it happens, but apparently it is problem and you can
further pinpoint this by doing a test run with and without ContentPanels
installed on your site.

If you can repeat the problem with vanilla Plone site + ContentPanels
installation then you can confirm the problem is indeed with ContentPanels
itself and not some of your own customizations. You can test this by
creating a new Plone 4.0 site, adding ContentPanels, some ContentPanels
content and running the migration.

Unless there already exist a Plone 4.2 supported version of ContentPanels it
is most likely the addon itself is not compatible and must be upgraded for
4.2 compatibility before running the migration.

Now, the next step would be dive deeper into ContentPanels to see what is
the bug there. 

The guidelining steps are

- See if there already exist 4.0 -> 4.2 migration compatible branch of

- File an issue in ContentPanels bug tracker with the steps how to repeat
the migration problem. Note: this is important part, as it is challenging
for the community to help with problems which they cannot repeat themselves.

- Contact the addon author directly about the issue and ask his/her opinion

- Get the bug fix done by the addon author or contribute the patch yourself

Hope this helps to get forward,


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