[Setup] SQLAlchemy (how to install)

Dan Jacka danjacka at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 10:02:40 UTC 2012


On 26/09/12 21:45, barnsey123 wrote:
> I've done a lot of googling and have read some of the sqlalchemy docs but I'm
> a bit lost.
> I've performed "easy_install SQLAlchemy" on my Debian box but it has
> installed it in my "normal" python (2.6) rather than Plone's own Python 2.7
> installation (obvious I suppose).
> It installed an egg in the 2.6 directory but not sure where to go from
> here...I'm guessing that the 2.6egg might not work 100% with python 2.7.
> Installed
> */usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/SQLAlchemy-0.7.8-py2.6.egg*
> I'm hoping to be able to connect to various databases from Plone but not
> really sure where to start. SQLAlchemy seemed a good bet but it's tough
> working out what to do...
> Searching on "download and extend" on plone.org for "databasey" entries
> doesn't mention SQLAlchemy at all.  (not for 4.x anyway)
> So, the question is/are:
> 1. How do I install SQLAlchemy so that it is visible by Plone 4.2?
> 2. Er...
> 3. That's it.
> All help gratefully recieved.
> Barnsey

SQLAlchemy *is* a good bet!

Get yourself a copy of the Professional Plone 4 Development book. It has 
a chapter guiding you through setting up connections to SQL databases 
via SQLAlchemy (you need the z3c.saconfig package), creating mappings 
between Python classes and your relational tables, and creating forms in 
Plone for manipulating records in the database. Highly recommended.

See http://www.packtpub.com/professional-plone-4-development/book#chapter_12


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