[Setup] Migrating from ATPhoto to Image

Florian Sesser flomaillist at cosetrain.com
Tue Sep 18 11:58:52 UTC 2012

Hello all!

I am doing an upgrade from 2.1 to 4.2. I have a bunch of of ATPhotos, a 
content type now deprecated. I would like to migrate all content of this 
type to usual "Image"s while retaining IDs so all pages using ATPhotos 
still work.

I cannot get my head around the Products.contentmigration tool. 
Combining what I understood from 
http://plone.org/documentation/kb/richdocument/migrations and 
I came to this: http://pastie.org/4746670. I defined it as an External 
Method in my Plone site root, but calling it from my browser just 
returns an HTTP 204 "No Content" as well as only one blank line output 
stdout/stderr when running Plone with "plonectl fg".

When I have incorrect syntax in my file, I at least receive an error -- 
but ATM, I get nothing. It seems to me like the walker does not find any 
items or so? I'm stuck.

Thanks for reading,


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