[Setup] intalling plone.app.multilingual, no items in global navigation any more

Olav Peeters opeeters at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 17:55:17 UTC 2012

I'm am trying out plone.app.multilingual. After moving items to the 
relevant language directories (or creating new ones where one should..), 
they do not show up in the global navigation bar any more (and no, 
"Exclude from navigation" is not activated in the settings of the 
content). I'm working on linux (centos 6.3) with Plone (4207) 
with plone.app.multilingual 1.0b3, plone.multilingual 1.0b3, 
plone.multilingualbehavior 1.0b3, archetypes.multilingual 1.0b3. Has any 
one had similar issues with plone.app.multilingual ?

I also want to use plonetheme.bootstrap (1.0b2) which needs 
plone.app.jquery . Could this be related in some way to some of 
the translation gui's of plone.app.multilingual not functioning properly?


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