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Viktor Errath v.errath at bcom.at
Thu Aug 30 09:29:09 UTC 2012

In the meantime the docs on the official Plone Website are really good and extensive ;-)


Here is a tutorial for using apache:



Here one for using nginx:



In both cases: If you are familiar with Linux you should be able to get this up and running. If you have no experience in administration of Linux-Servers I would advice you to find someone who does. This will make your Life much more easier for the first time ;-)








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Can you send me a tutorial about apache or nginx configuration with plone, please


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Hi Paulo


At first: You can't (well: you shoudln't *gg*) use "localhost" in a url because for every computer the "localhost" is the computer itself! So you will need to use a "correct" url or a real computername.


The next thing is: you can rename your Plone-Instance using the zope-management interface. Just navigate to  ....:8080/manage

There you can rename the instance. BUT!!!! But be carefull. I allready had some situations where the renaming of the instance breaks the layout.


Last: To change to Port you need to change the port in the buildout.cfg. Just search an change the line "http-address = 8080". After that you have to run buildout.


But I would recommend to use a webserver like apache or nginx. Then you dont need to change the port or rename the instance.








Von: Matusse, Paulo [mailto:paulo.matusse at ine.gov.mz] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 30. August 2012 08:01
An: setup at lists.plone.org
Betreff: [Setup] publishing plone site


Hi all

I finished my project with plone, I intend to publish it in the form of intranet,

but am having problems setting it as the default Plone site.

the plone still using the localhost: 8080/Plone

I intend to change to localhost: 8081/intranet

how can do ? ask for urgent help.



(Paulo A.A Matusse)


Web Designer & gestor de Conteúdos


Instituto Nacional de Estatística

Departamento de Difusão e Documentação

Av. 24 de Julho nº 1989, 4º Piso; Caixa postal nº493

Maputo - República de Moçambique



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