[Setup] Dropdown menu + Themeroller = not nice

dgroos djgroos at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 21:28:34 UTC 2012

espen wrote
> Hi
> I will not be back to at work before monday,
> If you send me an url of your site, I can look at it.
Thanks, am developing on a VM on my laptop so not too easy to do this, I

You could try this
> 1) Put /portal_css in debug mode (there is a tick box in the zmi)

Did this, clicked on "Save" on that page and lost all of registries!  Upon
searching found that if you don't make a change on the portal_css and then
save it deletes all registries so I guess you don't have to click on the
save button after ticking "debug mode"!

This however led to a big learning event as I re-added each registry
(luckily I still had a tab with all the original portal_css registries!) 1
by 1, learning what they did as I applied them to a page from the site.  But
that got weird so had to do it again.  The second time I saw that
"print.css" seems to overpower all other css'.  With print.css enabled, the
page always rendered as if I were going to print it--without any
images/columns.  So, I now have that registry deactivated.  Any ideas about

2) Add one of the css files from "my site instead in case there is a problem
with css and https for some strange reason, try this
> http://www.medialog.no/drop-down-hackII.css 
Do you do this by adding a registry with this as the url?  That's what I
tried, using the same options as the dropdown registry used.  I did this
with "debug" checked.  I also disabled the dropdown registry, really, tried
including your registry in various permutations--but couldn't get rid of the
funky/messed-up dropdown menu bar.  The only way I could get things back to
the normal look was by deactivating the dropdown product in the add/remove
control panel.

(or just copy that css to one of your stylesheets)
Not sure where to do that.


Thanks for your suggestion!  I'm learning tons.

David G

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