[Setup] Plone terminology incomprehensible??

W. Anderson wanderson at nac.net
Sun Aug 19 17:10:06 UTC 2012


I agree that several terms or the terminology of certain Plone functions
complicated or confusing to the "average" non-Plone developer or installer.

However I have no doubt that it would be absolutely disastrous for the
Plone or Python
development community to start down that road of attempting to simplify
aspect of Plone installation/development/use to cater to the lowest
common denominator
of intelligence for those persons who still have severe problems with
definition and
understanding of a 'folder'.

This type dilemma has occurred before. Configuring Plone is not exactly
like tuning an
Indy 500 race car for example, but cannot be made brain dead to setup
for a VW
beetle owner who knows only how to changing spark plugs but wishes to be
that Indy
500 event mechanic.

Plone is a very powerful, somewhat sophisticated application that by
it's very design and
nature needs  a minimum level of competence and understanding of the
Python infrastructure
to setup and use effectively, particularly for a business or large
organizational site.

I had embarked on a venture over the past three or more years to install
and configure - from
scratch - several popular Content Management Systems (CMS) including
those based on Apache/
MySQL/PHP [5], Ruby-on-Rails, Java, DJango, a Dot-Net CMS and even a
tcl/Postgres CMS.

I can assure you that as a /bone fide/ non-programmer and non-web
developer, most of these CMS
were more difficult to 'properly' setup without considerable help from
forums and requirement for
all types on CMS software /component/ updates.  The only exceptions were
very costly 'proprietary'
CMS that the vendor actually sets up for the client who thereafter
cannot make any changes on their
own or without expensive fees added.

The opposite is true of Plone, as the "unified installer" has eliminated
a significant amount of
headache and agita in this process and many of the 'terms' you mention
are not hard to comprehend.

Latest Plone with slightly less technical terms and easier for
non-professionals, I agree, but not revamped
for those persons looking for two button install and 'automatic'
configuration on government portal.

W. Anderson
wanderson at nac.net 
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