[Setup] Cross platform Plone, Was: Re: Stop Windows comments NOW!

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Sat Aug 18 23:18:57 UTC 2012


On 2012-08-18 22:42:04 +0000, Martin Aspeli said:

> That sound you are all hearing is my mind boggling at what the hell is 
> going on in this forum.
> As Jim would say:
> Waaaaaaaa?

TL;DR: I am being verbose[1]

Putting aside any confusion surround spam vs. non-spam messages, I 
think my points were:

- You are right, any perceived slant toward Windows is not the result 
of an actual bias towards Windows.

- With regard to the actual topic of this list, helping people with 
setup issues would be better served by standardizing all of the 
installers around the Unified Installer. Some effort is underway to do 
this, for some value of "some effort".

- IMHO, an effort like the unified installer consolidation will only 
succeed if we take a step back and analyze the big picture. Starting 
with something "simple" like terminology. E.g. What is a Product?

[1] Also, I got a new NTTP news client to process GMANE messages with 
:-P (Unison on OS X)


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