[Setup] Stop Windows comments NOW!

W. Anderson wanderson at nac.net
Sat Aug 18 15:34:04 UTC 2012

It now appears, with e-mails to "Plone Setup" forum these two recent
postings - one from
someone in UK  - /*lucianw at live.co.uk*/ - asking about Windows registry
Cleaner software
and second apparently from Russian - 
/*b.loggerschoiceawardscom at gmail.com*/ with a
reply offering such registry cleaner (assuredly malware),  that the
forum has been hijacked
by spam bots and idiots whose intentions veer completely to the opposite
of any purpose or
interest in Plone Content Management Systems (CMS) in any form.

In hindsight the forum moderator should have *_/instantly stopped any
and all comments
on "Best Windows version for Plone install" discussion/_*, since that
topic is extraneous
to any help or support of Plone on the Microsoft Windows OS.

Personally I have become somewhat disappointed in the catering and
strong slant to Windows
support for Plone in most of the forums and Plone print publications, 
compared to almost non
-existent support or help system for Plone on *BSD Operating Systems for
example, that by
coincidence are Free/Open Source Software (FOSS), exactly as is Plone.

While I bear no animus to Windows or any 'proprietary' software
ecosystem, it strikes me as
naive for Plone or any other FOSS community or development organizations
to not be
constantly mindful and vigilant of the root principles and thrust of
FOSS projects in the first
place. Such negligence always is detrimental to the cause of Free
Software, since most
commercial companies like Microsoft will subvert FOSS software like
Plone in an instant, if it
competes too successfully in the marketplace to threaten their own CMS
sales efforts,  or not
in their self (financial) interest.

W. Anderson
wanderson at nac.net
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