[Setup] Plone Add-Ons: Warning about "No upgrade procedure"

Noe Nieto nnieto at noenieto.com
Wed May 4 17:00:08 UTC 2011

2011/5/4 Michael Zimmermann <list at incunabulum.de>

> Hi there,
> while doing some migraton work from plone 3.2.x to the current (latest)
> plone 4 release I am currently wondering about some errors / warning in
> the Plone -> Site Setup -> Add-Ons Section, namely warnings as such:
> Kupu:
> "This add-on has been upgraded. Old profile version was unknown. New
> profile version is 1.4.16. There is no upgrade procedure defined for
> this add-on. Please consult the add-on documentation for upgrade
> information, or contact the add-on author. "

How can I get rid of them? Uninstall + reinstall won't help.
In order to avoid that, the add-on product needs to provide an
update/migration step. That's because sometimes there are some incompatible
changes from another versions. Most of the add-ons don't need that, or the
developer hasn't written one yet.

So, a workaround is to go to the ZMI -> Portal QuickInstaller  and select
the product you want to upgrade. Always try this with a backup of your ZODB
in case something goes wrong.

Maybe others on this list can give some more information about the Kupu
add-on on Plone 4.x

> What I did was as follows:
> - Install plone 4 via the installer
> - Copy the data.fs to the new plone installation
> - Update / change buildout.cfg as in previous version and run buildout
> - Start plone
> Thanks for any hints,
> Michael
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