[Setup] Plone 4.0.4: mail tool with group feature and newsletter

chris chris at eehmke.de
Sat Mar 19 11:54:49 UTC 2011

nikolaj wrote:

> Im using Plone 4.0.4.
> I need a simple mail tool that can send emails (not newsletter) to
> distinct groups or users.
> Also I need newsletter integration.
> I would be happy if somebody could help.

Try EasysNewsletter:

You can use if for simple mails to users or groups of users, or even to send 
full featured newsletters with references to articles in your portal.

It contains a bug that can be avoided: when you enter a message text in a 
new issue, it will not be stored. You must save the new issue and open it 
again, the the message text is stored.

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