[Setup] Install on SLES with Apache

chris chris at eehmke.de
Tue Mar 15 23:07:58 UTC 2011

cmaughan wrote:

> Thanks for your replies!  I tried following the instructions on these
> sites,
> but must have done something wrong and now can't access my site at all.  I
> went ahead and just reformatted and re-installed the OS, so I could have a
> clean install to deal with.  Where is their documentation for getting a
> name to refer to the Plone site?  I have a DNS name (example.com) that I
> would like to have Plone manage.  How is this done?

Can you reach your server via DNS at all (ping dns-name)? There is no extra 
DNS for the Plone portal. Give some details: can you access the Plone site 
via <IP address>:8080/portalname? If yes, can you access it via 
example.com:8080/portalname? If yes, the Virtual Host setup should work.

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